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FAQs | Goat milk soap | Kleen Guyz Soaps
Answers to what you're thinking: 
Why Goat Milk Soap?

Goat milk is good for you and your skin.  The lactic acid in goat milk removes dead skin cells and leaves you feeling smooth and soft!


Are any of the Kleen Guyz soaps Vegetarian?

Yes, check out the vegetarian section of the shop!  We use coconut milk, coconut water, distilled water and beer to make some very lush soaps!  Because we make the soaps in the same place as our goat milk soaps we can't guarantee there is no cross-contamination.

Why is the wrapping always different on my soap?

In our effort to up-cycle as much as we can, we use paper, ribbon, string and fabric we find at thrift shops, yard sales and donations from friends!  If you have a specific wrapping in mind, we're happy to try to fulfill your wish OR you could order your soap naked and save the need for wrapping altogether !

Isn't lye caustic?  Like a drain cleaner?  I mean, I saw Fight Club !

Lye is a caustic product and is found in many drain cleaners.  When mixed with fatty acids, the base properties of lye are neutralized and turn to soap.  To ensure there is no lye in the remaining product we cure all our soaps at least 4 weeks before we will sell it.  We always use protective gloves and goggles when working with lye.

I want to order a large amount of a specific scent for party favors, can you do that?

Of course we can, however, we make our soaps in small batches (6 pounds at a time) and if we're low on stock and need to make more to fulfill your order, you must understand that we need to let the soap cure for at least 4 weeks before we will sell it.

Can you do larger or smaller bars for party favors?

Yes, Most of our molds produce a log of soap 3" x 3" x 11"  and our general bar size is 3" x 3" x 1".  This equates to bars averaging 3.5 ounces each.  We're happy to chop the logs any length you need and discuss pricing with you directly.  Half sized bars make great wedding, shower, and party favors !  We also have a few "guest size" soap molds that make great party favors!

Hey, can you teach me to make soap like you do?

Sure we can !  Once a month at the Wellness Coop in Sturbridge we offer a Sip-n-Sudz Party. (check the "where we'll be" page for dates) For $20 you can learn how to make cold process soap as well as use essential oils and natural colorants to make a take home melt-n-pour bar.  We can also come to you if you have a group of friends that want to learn....great for a birthday party, friends get-together, or group learning session.

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